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Negative Space Colorful Erosion Bowl

Negative Space Colorful Erosion Bowl

You will love the Negative Space Colorful Erosion Bowl because it is very unusual. It has been is made using an interesting and unique method. The makers use recycled scrap glass and fuse them together to create stunning one of a kind pieces.

Each piece is signed by the artist because you can use them for many things as they are food safe. A wonderful centrepiece or side table display or you could use it as a fruit bowl or serving bowl.

These sculptural pieces are hand made in Granville, Ohio by artists Dylan and Amy Engler. The art works are inspired by rocks that have been exposed to natural elements for many years. Because rocks take on interesting and unique shapes and colors depending on their environment. You can see how these pieces have been naturally inspired because of the creative designs.

Dylan and Amy work together to create these beautiful pieces because Dylan is a flameworker and Amy is an interior designer. Together they have designed and create a large range of pieces including jewelry, home decor and other functional pieces.

Negative Space Colorful Erosion Bowl

Negative Space Colorful Erosion Bowl

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The bowl measures 10.5 inches in diameter and it stands 2.13 inches high. If you are looking for a unique wedding gift this is perfect because it is unique and special. A lovely item for anyone decorating a new home.

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