This nanofiber super absorbent compact towel is perfect for backpacking, hiking, camping or the gym. Nanofibers are thinner than microfiber or cotton which is what makes this towel so versatile.

You will need a towel for the gym that is reliable and easy to transport. This one is perfect because it is both of those things. You can fit it easily in your gym bag and it is sure to perform very well when you use it.

If you are backpacking, hiking or camping you will love this towel because it is lightweight and compact. You will want to keep weight to a minimum and not take up unnecessary space. Hikers and backpackers find this towel convenient because it does the job and is easy to carry. When your backpack is lighter your trip will be much more enjoyable. You do not need to leave necessities at home though because there are many items made specifically for this purpose.

The towel comes with a specialised case and it is capable of absorbing up to 2.3 times its own weight in water. It dries quickly in the vented silicone case or if you hang it to dry it will dry almost instantly. The towel has also been coated with an antibacterial coating in order to protect you from germs.

Nanofiber Super Absorbent Compact Towel

Nanofiber Super Absorbent Compact Towel

image source                    Available at uncommongoods

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