Here is a cool list of little guy stuff for your favorite little guy. Children are very special because they are not children for very long. Most people do have some children in their lives that mean a lot to them. If you are celebrating a milestone or occasion soon with a child that matters to you choosing the right gift is important.

Children often receive many gifts such as toys. Because they sometimes receive a lot of gifts it’s important to find a gift that is unique. Useful gifts are a great idea too.

Little guys are all different and all have different interests. Consider the particular interests of the child you wish to buy for and this will help you to find a great gift. Another thing that can help you decide is to consider whether the child has a favorite color, tv show or animal.

If you are not sure about the child’s interests you can still find a great gift. This is because most little boys do have some things in common. For example, they go to school, they may be learning to read and many are naturally curious.


Little Guy Stuff For Your Favorite Little Guy

Personalized Orange Excavator Boys Tote Bag

Orange Excavator, Construction Vehicles, for Kids Tote Bag

Available here –   Orange Excavator, Construction Vehicles, for Kids Tote Bag                           Designed by – RustyDoodle

This personalized bag is very useful as a library bag or to carry toys in for the beach. School bags and library bags need to be labelled and this one comes with the name of your choice printed on it. A great back to school gift idea. Any little boy who love to read or loves vehicles will enjoy this.


Little Guy Stuff For Your Favorite Little Guy

Little Brother Infant Suit

Big Sister Little Brother Bear Baby Bodysuit

Available here – Big Sister Little Brother Bear Baby Bodysuit                                           Designed by – heartlocked

If you are looking for something cute as a gift for a new baby boy this is a nice idea. It is designed for a baby boy that has an older sister.


Little Guy Stuff For Your Favorite Little Guy

Personalized Whale Cushion

Cute Little Whale Personalized Baby Name Pillow

Available here – Cute Little Whale Personalized Baby Name Pillow                                                            Designed by Orabella

Any little boy who has an interest in sea creatures is sure to love this personalized cushion. Perfect for a bedroom or a childs play area.


Little Guy Stuff For Your Favorite Little Guy

All Boy Apron

All Boy Kids Apron

Available here – All Boy Kids Apron                                                          Designed by scribbleprints

This cute childs apron is a cool idea for any little guy who likes to get dirty. Perfect for painting, playdough or just getting dirty in general. Aprons are often required at school or kindergarden so this is sure to be used.


Little Guy Stuff For Your Favorite Little Guy

14 In 1 Solar Robot Building Kit

solar robot

image source – yellow octopus                                         Available at – yellow octopus

Any child with an interest in technology will love this kit because it provides hours of fun. The kit can be used to construct fourteen different style of robot. The robots are organized into two levels according to difficulty. This is so that the child can build their skills creating the easier robots before moving onto the more advanced designs. Complete instruction for all 14 robot options are included.


Little Guy Stuff For Your Favorite Little Guy

Remote Control Flying Shark

cool remote control toys

image source – amazon                              available at – amazon

A unique remote controlled toy. This flying shark is sure to be a hit with almost any little boy.


Little Guy Stuff For Your Favorite Little Guy

DK Childrens Encyclopedia

childrens encyclopedia

image source – amazon                                      Available at – amazon

Any child who is curious about the world will enjoy this children’s encyclopedia. If you know a little guy who enjoys reading this is an excellent gift. Curiosity should be encouraged because being curious helps children to learn.


Little Guy Stuff For Your Favorite Little Guy

T-Rex Table Lamp

trex lamp

image source – giftsaustralia                                       Available at – giftsaustralia

There are not many little boys that will not love this cool t-rex table lamp. This is a great gift because it is very cool and also because it is sure to be useful. Give it alone or as a set of two to be used on bedside tables.


Little Guy Stuff For Your Favorite Little Guy

Personalized Boys Wallet

boys wallet

image source – stuckonyou                                      Available at – stuck on you

Choose from many different images to create the perfect wallet. Any little guy is sure to love this because it will seem like a big guys wallet. You can customize and add the name of the child. It is sure to be used and loved. Choose from images such as cars, animals, patterns, characters robots and other cool things. You can also select from lots of different font options to make it truly unique.

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