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Levitating Picture Frame

Levitating Picture Frame

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A Modern Photo Display

If you are a fan of cutting edge technology and also like to display photographs of friends or family around your home then here is a cool and interesting way to do it. This Levitating Picture Frame looks great in any modern environment as it can float and rotate. It has the ability to do what it does because of magnetic levitation technology. Your photos are sure to attract attention when in this frame as everyone will want to get a closer look at how it works. This is simple science of course, but to those who have never seen one of these before it will seem magical!

Futuristic Decor

A great place to display this is somewhere near your favorite pieces of household technology. If you have a cinema room featuring high tech equipment or a collection of gadgets elsewhere in your home the Levitating Picture Frame will be a very cool addition. There is a built in LED light so that it can be seen all of the time.

The frame itself is double sided so you can display two of your favorite photos at a time.