flame light bulb

There is nothing quite like the ambience created by a real flickering fire. This flame light bulb simulates flickering fire so that you can have the effect without a real flame. It is not possible to simply light fires everywhere that you go. With this bulb it doesn’t matter, anytime you want that warm campfire vibe you can simply turn it on.

Practical Flame Like Light Source

It is not always practical to use a real flame and there can be safety concerns. A fireplace is nice in the winter but it is of course not something you want to use all year round. Candles are also nice but not always practical. This is especially true if you are outdoors. Even a slight breeze can blow them out so they are not a reliable source of lighting. The flame light bulbs solves these issues.

flame light bulb

image source – amazon

Two Lighting Modes

The flame light bulb features two modes of lighting. You can use it in nlive flame emulation mode or in general mode. The live flame emulation mode produces the flame effect and general mode is for when you want to use normal everyday lighting.

flame light bulb

image source – amazon

How To Install It

You can use this bulb anywhere but the flame effect works best when you install in a frosted shade, a salt lamp or a lantern of some kind. It will work wherever you install it but the simulation flame effect will be more noticeable depending on where you use it.

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