This ceramic pasta holder is of course a pun on the leaning tower of Pisa. A cool kitchen idea that is sure to be a great conversation piece. The leaning tower of pasta tilts at the same angle as the leaning tower of Pisa, 3.99 degrees.

Leaning Tower Of Pasta Fun Gift Idea

The leaning tower of pasta is a great gift idea because it functional and fun. Perfect for a housewarming, wedding or a kitchen tea party. Anyone who likes to cook pasta dishes needs somewhere to store pasta. This makes it a cool gift for almost any person.

Holds A Lot Of Pasta

Up to 1 kilo of spaghetti can be stored in the leaning tower of pasta. So it is not just a cool novelty item it is also something that you will find to be very useful in your kitchen.

Cork Lid Keeps Your Pasta Fresh

The leaning tower of pasta comes with a cork lid so that you can seal it tightly. Your pasta will be kept safe and fresh until you need to use it.

Measure Out Your Servings

Cooking the correct amount of pasta is something that not a lot of people get right every time. This can lead to wastage or embarrassing dinner parties where there is not enough to go around. Under the cork lid of the leaning tower of pasta there is a handy set of serving measurements. You will be able to measure out the number of servings that you need and get it right every single time.

image source – blackblum

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