When you think of weather vanes do you think only of the classic rooster shaped vanes that have been common for a long time? Fortunately there are many new designs and some of them are really cool. Interesting weather vanes that are well placed make excellent accents to any home. They are available in almost any theme or color and you can search thousands of different designs HERE to find one that is right for your home.

cat weather vane

^ Cat and Mouse weather vane

Of course if you are someone who prefers classic designs then a rooster weather vane such as the Montague Metal Products 24-Inch Weathervane with Rooster Ornament is a great choice. Tradional designs are fantastic for country homes.  There are also some cool DIY options available if you would like to build your own. If you would like to make your own check out the A Woodworking Pattern and Instructions Package to Build Your Own High Flying Goose Weather Vane.

If you live near the beach and have a home with more of a nautical design then weather vanes that feature suitable characters will work in well with your existing home decor. You can find weather vanes featuring all kinds of beachy designs, here are a few … Double Dolphin Weathervane, CBK Mermaid Weather Vane Bust, Good Directions 517P Sailfish Weathervane, Polished Coppergoose.

weather vanes

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