This Integrated Sundial Portable Solar Charging Panel is awesome because it has features that other portable solar panels do not. You can rely on this solar panel because it is designed for maximum efficiency. The smart microprocessor ensures that the panel generates as much power as possible. Many solar panels become less efficient as they heat up. This one does not because the ultra this design allows heat to dissipate quickly.

The integrated sundial lets you know exactly which direction your panel should face. This is important because when your panel is not facing the right direction you absorb less power. Your solar panel will absorb up to 30% less power if it is not positioned correctly.

If you enjoy camping, hiking or spending time in the great outdoors you will love this. Because all you need is the sun in order to charge your devices you can use them wherever you go.

This is a wonderful gift idea for anyone who loves camping because it is sure to be useful. Campers and adventurers often need to bring a lot of spare batteries to charge devices. This can take up a lot of space in backpacks and the batteries can be heavy.

You will love the way that this smart solar panel works.

Integrated Sundial Portable Solar Charging Panel

Integrated Sundial Portable Solar Charging Panel

image source             Available at uncommongoods

image source             Available at uncommongoods

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