This handmade cloth art Thanksgiving doll is cool because it is not an ordinary doll. It is an amazing one of a kind needle art sculpture. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful centrepiece for your Thanksgiving table then this doll is a beautiful choice. The doll comes with a needle felted pumpkin and it measures approximately 24 cms tall. Your Thanksgiving guests are sure to find her to be an interesting and creative decorative piece. You are sure to love the way she adds something very special to the atmosphere of any Thanksgiving gathering.

This sculptured doll is made from a mix of cotton and mixed materials that are both new and vintage. The dolls body is soft and has been sculptured using fine needle work. Hand sculpted clay has been used to make the head of the doll and the clay is covered with tricot cotton. Her hand painted face is beautifully detailed and she wears a little hand knitted jacket. You can arrange her anywhere because she can be posed. This is easy to do because a miniature wooden crate is provided for her to sit on. This doll is not made to be a childs toy because it is an intricate work of art designed for display purposes.

Handmade Cloth Art Thanksgiving Doll

Handmade Cloth Art Thanksgiving Doll

Hand Made Cloth Art Thanksgiving Doll

image source – etsy                        available at – etsy

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