Check out this great Gravity Defying Bicycle Stunt performed by Matt Hunter of Specialized Bicycles.  Matt is a rider who is sponsered by Specialized Bicycles.Gravity Defying Bicycle Stunt

Specialized Bicycles is a company that creates designer bicycles. The bicycles are specifically engineered for sporting enthusiasts. The company hires experts in every field in order to build awesome high performance bikes. parallel-cyclingThe gravity defying stunt you see here in this video is possible because of two things. A highly skilled rider and a highly skilled team of designers.  Specialized Bicycles employ a team of aerodynamic experts. They have achieved innovative developments to minimise drag. The company has designed several different ranges of bicycles. These ranges include a womens range arange of recreatio bicycles and bicycles built for specific terrain.

Watch as Matt takes a corner on a bicycle at an awesome angle.

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