Art is a personal choice and this cool geometric fractal modern art print may appeal to you. It features bright shades of green and purple and is sure to add a modern, futuristic touch to any room. A great way to brighten up an office and it is sure to attract attention because it is so interesting. Some people prefer art that depicts recognizable objects. Other prefer more abstract style because they create interest. You will love this if abstract is your style.

Triple Canvases

modern art canvas trio

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Quad Canvases

modern fractal art

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Twin Canvases

This artwork is available on a set of twin canvases. You can choose from side by side canvases or one above the other like the set below.

purple and green art

image source                          Available at

Cool Geometric Fractal Modern Art Print – Specifications

This design is called “Royal Checkers” and it is available in several different sizes. You can also order it as a double, triple or quad set. If you order the double triple or quad set the art work is divided between several canvases as shown.


modern digital wall art

image source                          Available at

modern wall art

image source                          Available at

Cool Geometric Fractal Modern Art Print

This is a great choice if you want to brighten up a dull area because it can certainly do that. The interesting color combination is eye catching and the design is very detailed. Hang it in a hidden corner of your home to add an unexpected burst of color. Also a wonderful addition to any room that features greens or purples.

Geometric Fractal Modern Art Print

image source                          Available at

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