There are many times in life when it pays to be dressed as well as possible. Such as a job interview or maybe when you meet your girlfriends parents for the first time. GENTLEMAN: A TIMELESS GUIDE TO FASHION is a very useful gentlemens fashion guide. It is an  informative book that can help you get it right when it matters. This is a hardcover book that you can easily store in a draw or cabinet so you can refer to it. When it comes to clothing everybody has particular tastes. This is a good thing as it means we do not all look the same, that would be boring! Despite this, there are certain elements of style that work for everyone and never go out of fashion.

Gentlemens Fashion Guide

The Gentlemens Fashion Guide shows you how to present yourself in a way that is confident, elegant and cool. This is not a guide to the latest fashions, it is about timeless style that is always fresh.  According to critics this is one of the best books about mens fashion that is available. Check out these neat Airplane Cufflinks if you are looking for something classy yet fun to jazz up a business out fit.

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