If you have a dog or children that like to sleep on your bed then you will get this. Dogs can often insist on being in the same room and climbing on your bed to sleep. Of course many dogs are more well trained that. These funny duvet covers may be representational of what it is like to be part of your family.

Couple With Dog Funny Duvet Covers

You might find that you feel like there are three of you, not two! This becomes evident when you want to leave the house but the dog wants to come too. Also when your grocery bill is quite a bit extra because of the cost of dog food. These funny duvet covers may be more realistic than you want them to be. Dogs require a lot of attention and they are often considered to be part of the family.

funny couples duvet cover

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Sleeping With Your Children

The dog in your bed is one thing but when you have children it can be even worse. You can lock the dog out of the room or put it outside, but you aren’t going to do that to your kids. This can lead to many uncomfortable and sleepless nights.

parenthood duvet

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When You Have Children And A Dog

If you have children and a dog then you might know how this feels. If you have ever had to sleep like this you may have decided that the couch is more comfortable.

funny parenthood duvet cover


available at zazzle.com

The Dog Mom Duvet Cover

If it’s just you and your best friend then this may be a position that you have found yourself in.

dog mom gift

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