Funny Broken Bell Coir Doormat

Share your sense of humor with this funny broken bell coir doormat. This works really well if your doorbell actually is broken because it completes the joke. If it is not broken it will still be amusing to see how many people assume that it is and think the joke is real anyway. The mat is the perfect size to fit outside your door. It measures 60 cms by 40 cms and it is 1.5 cms thick.

This mat makes a wonderful gift for anyone celebrating with a housewarming party or for someone who has a great sense of humor.

Coir doormats are made from natural coconut fibre because it looks good and does a great job of cleaning shoes. The durable non-slip backing keeps it in place. Suitable for indoor and undercover outdoor use. The dying process used is durable and the quote will last. Coir doormats with painted on patterns often fade because the paint is not of good quality. The paint used to print this mat is reliable.

Funny Broken Bell Coir Doormat

Funny Broken Bell Coir Doormat

image source           Available at CKB

funny mat

image source           Available at CKB

You will enjoy the reaction of your visitor because it is sure to be funnier than you expect. It will be hard for your guests to stop themselves from laughing because it will not be what they were expecting. Every visit will start on a joyful note.

funny door mat

image source           Available at CKB

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