These entertaining poplar wood drumstick pens are sure to amuse. The pens are of high quality and they contain blue ink.

A charming gift idea that is perfect for real or imaginary drummers. You can practice your rhythm skills and show them off with these cool pens even if you are not a trained musician.

If you are looking for a thank you gift for your music teacher these are great because they are useful, quirky and fun. Any teacher always has a use for pens and these ones are sure to fit right in on your teachers desk.

Anybody who enjoys out of the ordinary fun items will love this because they are so unique and cool. Many people love to collect interesting stationary for the office because it makes a boring work desk seem more personal and fun. It is important to personalize your workspace in order to help you stay motivated. These pens are a great way to do this because they do not take up unnecessary space.

These are sure to attract attention and give you something to do when you are procrastinating. Entertain everyone in your classroom or office when it is slow or during your lunch break. Morale is important when studying or working and an impromptu drum solo is sure to help everyone out.

Entertaining Poplar Wood Drumstick Pens

Entertaining Poplar Wood Drumstick Pens

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