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Engineer By Day Kitchen Cutting Board

Engineer By Day Kitchen Cutting Board

This engineer by day kitchen cutting board is perfect for any engineer who likes to cook up a storm in the kitchen. It's a great gift because it is amusing and useful in the kitchen. This cutting board is good to use or a cool display piece for the kitchen of any engineer. Alternatively you can cut on the plain side and display the engraved side when the board is not in use.

Gag gifts like this are great because some people can be very difficult to buy for. This is when gag gifts come in handy because they always put a smile on someone's face. Give it alone or with some other useful kitchen items such as knives or kitchen towels. Kitchen gifts are great because they are sure to be used.

Each cutting board is unique because the board is made of 100% natural bamboo. This means that each individual board varies and may be darker or lighter than the one pictured. Bamboo is a great material for cutting boards because it is light, strong and sustainable. Many cutting boards are made from hardwood which is what makes them so heavy.

This kitchen cutting board measures 13.5 inches long and 7 inches wide. It is easy to store when not in use because there is a hole in the handle for hanging.

Engineer By Day Kitchen Cutting Board

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