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So you want to have a drink after a hard day’s work but you want to have some entertainment as well? You have a few options: You can turn on the TV and watch a boring program. Or you can sit there and wonder about the meaning of life. Or you can get one of these puzzle drinking glasses which will let you solve a fun little puzzle while you get slowly sip your drink.

Source: Amazon/Fred&Friends

This puzzle drinking glass has a rolling-ball maze in the base as a separate little area. It features two black balls along with 2 little curved hills. You have to try to get both of the balls resting on the inside of each of the curved hills.

The puzzle drinking glass is made from hand blown glass and can hold up to 12 ounces of your favorite booze. It is 4.9 inches tall and measures 3.4 inches in diameter.

This is a perfect gift idea for those friends and family members who enjoy a drink from time to time. With the puzzle drinking glass, they will always have something fun to do while sipping on their cocktail. Made in the old-fashioned way, the puzzle drinking glass is appropriately named “Clink!” And for sure, the people drinking from the glass will definitely be making some clinking noises while they are attempting to solve the puzzle!

Available Here: Fred CLINK! Ball Game Rocks Glass

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