You can programme the do anything bluetooth smart button to do whatever you need it to do. It connects to your phone via bluetooth and performs pre-set tasks. The easy to use app allows to assign up to three tasks to each button. Find your phone, order a pizza, turn down the music, call a cab or lock your front door. The possibilities are endless because it works with a wide variety of apps. It needs to be within 150 feet of your smartphone and will save you a lot of time. Keep one in your pocket, on the nightstand or anywhere else that is convenient.

These buttons are available singly or in a set of three. If there are tasks that you perform often you can save time because now you can do them with the touch of a button. Even when your phone is in another room you can issue commands. A great idea as a safety measure because you can program it to call emergency services. It is not always possible to get your phone out and dial. This is also a useful idea for elderly people, especially if they live alone. Phones need to be charged sometimes but with this button it is still possible to call for help instantly.

Do Anything Bluetooth Smart Button

Do Anything Bluetooth Smart Button

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