These cute and funny pun bar towels are the perfect gift for a host, hostess or a housewarming party. Anyone who does have a home bar area is sure to love these. They are sure to entertain everyone who sees them and they will be a topic of conversation. If you entertain a lot they will also be handy to clean up spills and crumbs.

Cute and Funny Pun Bar Towels – Use In Your Kitchen

If you do not have a bar or designated entertaining area in your home then use them in the kitchen too. You can hang them on a dish towel rack to add some personality to your kitchen. Anyone who uses these will find that they are not just designed to look cool. You can use them to dry the dishes or any other task you would normally use a dish towel for.

Cute and Funny Pun Bar Towels

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Cute and Funny Pun Bar Towels – Specifications

You will find that these are large enough and durable enough to use often. They measure 16 x 24 inches and are durable because of the woven polyester microfiber blend. Depend on these kitchen towels because they have been made to last. Wash them as usual in your washing machine. You can easily keep them in pristine condition because they can bleach them when needed. Because these towels need to be durable the ink is fade resistant.

whiskey bar towel

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Such A Cool Gift Idea

Give these as a gift on their own because they’re adorable or add a bottle of the recipients favorite drink. Add wine or whiskey glasses and present in a gift basket to create a super special present. This is a fun gift idea for a father, brother, mother, sister, friend or cousin. If you have a favorite bartender you could gift this to show your appreciation. Keep them for special occasions or use them every day because you like them, the choice is yours.

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