Creative lamps for music lovers look cool and make great gifts. A lamp that features a cool music design will look amazing anywhere in your home. If you have a music room or a special place where you practice an instrument one of these cool lamps will be perfect.

Lighting is very important when it comes to home or office decor. You want to be able to see what you are doing of course but it is also important for other reasons.

It is important to create a good atmosphere when you are studying anything. This is includes when your are learning to play an instrument and practicing. Creating a good atmosphere will help you to remain focussed on what you are doing for longer. This help because when you enjoy the atmosphere you will be less likely to want to leave the room or be distracted by other activities.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

Piano Keys Printed Table Lamp

music piano keyboard design table lamp

Available here – music piano keyboard design table lamp                                                                         Image by –  musickitten

This lamp is available in four different styles. You can order it as a table lamp, pendant lamp or a tripod lamp. You can also order just the shade if you wish to put it on a lamp you already own. This lamp features a standard sized plug and can be used with a standard light bulb. You can also customize the design before ordering to make it more personal. If you plan to give it as a gift you will love this option. You can add text to the design such as a person’s name or a special message.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

Vintage Look Saxophone Table Lamp


Vintage Saxophone Music Lamp

Available here – Vintage Saxophone Music Lamp                                                      image source –  13MoonshineDesigns

Any saxophone players is sure to love this interesting lamp. Perfect for a practice area or a teaching area. If you are looking for a gift for a music teacher who teaches you to play the saxophone this is perfect. Like the lamp above, this one can also be personalized.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

Touch Sensitive Music Lamp

musical lamp

Available here – dshop                                                    Image source – dshop

This lamp does not feature a musical artwork design but it plays music. It features a usb function and allows you to control your light and you music by touching the lamp. This is a lovely idea as a bedtime lamp for a child. It is not recommended for very young children to use but an older child might enjoy it a lot.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

Abstract Instruments Table lamp

Musical Instruments Lamp Violin Piano Lamp

Available here – Musical Instruments Lamp Violin Piano Lamp                                                          Designed by Juleez1

This lamp is available in several different styles and it features a creative abstract design. The shade is decorated with a design incorporating musical notation and instruments. When ordering this lamp you can choose from several options for the color of the stand. The silver looks great but black also works very well with this design.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

Leadlight Violin Lamp

Available here – ebay                            Image source – ebay

A very unique hand made violin lamp. It features a leadlight design and is made in Australia.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

LED Violin Projection Light

colorful violin lamp

Available at ebay                      image source ebay

This colorful light plays a melody and projects light to create ambience. It is available in several colors and is a beautiful decorative piece. A wonderful gift idea that is sure to be loved and used.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

Color Changing Guitar Desk Lamp

guitar lamp

Available at ebay                        image source ebay

This guitar lamp is the perfect size to be used as a desk lamp or a bedside lamp. It changes color to produce six different shades of light.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

Guitar Tripod Lamp

Black and White Acoustic Guitars Pop Art Vector Hanging Lamp

Available here – Black and White Acoustic Guitars Pop Art Vector Hanging Lamp                          Designed by ArtformTheHeart

You can order this as a tripod lamp, a table lamp or just the shade. A very cute lamp for any music room. The tripod style lamp measures 11 inches high and 7 inches wide including the shade.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

Country Style Violin lamp

Available at beautifulhalo                                         image source beautifulhalo

Perfect for any country or traditionally styled home. This beautiful lamp features an elegant design that is sure to impress as a gift.


Creative Lamps For Music Lovers

Vintage Trumpet Desk Lamp

cool lamp

image source – ebay                                                                    Available at – ebay

A used, vintage trumpet has been used to create this authentic feel trumpet lamp. This would make a very cool addition to any music room because it is so unique. Anyone who plays the trumpet is sure to love this because it is so very cool.

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