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Time it was that we could not live without watches or clocks; they were one of the most necessary items of our everyday lives. However, with the invention of the smartphone, they started taking a secondary place. And slowly, they are even disappearing from our lives altogether.

These cool watches with their innovative designs are the perfect items to make us keep loving watches and clocks. They combine creative decoration and artistry, paying homage to the era of the watches.

These cool watches have incredibly beautiful designs. But in addition to that, you can also wear them on your wrist and display them so easily. There are planets, constellations, mountains and formations, and for the punk rocker, skulls.

To make the watches more interesting, and to be able to compete with the smart phone, watches are in general made being no longer limited to displaying a 24-hour day. The designs are such that, on the little surface of the wristwatch, weeks, months, and even the time around the world are shown. On these cool watches as well, you can see geographical formations, movement of the planets and even the moon’s phases. There are watches for those who love to joke among us too, such as the “Whatever, I’m always late” watch.

Jupiter Wood Watch


Source: Amazon/WeWood

This ingenious watch displays a lot of individual taste and allows you to make a statement. With this watch, you will make a first impression that no one will forget. You may not see the practical need for a watch, but with this unique design, this is definitely one watch you will want to have on your wrist.

The Jupiter Wood Watch is made from 100 percent natural wood and is hypo-allergenic. It is completely free of toxic chemicals. The bracelet is adjustable and the stainless steel clasp locks. It’s made from hardened mineral glass which doesn’t scratch.

Available Here: WeWood Jupiter Wood Watch

Whatever, I’m Late Anyway Watch

Source: Amazon/Jewelrywe

This incredibly stylish watch is for the always late person among us. The design is so unique, giving us the message that the concept of time is relative. The watch is hilarious, it will also make a great gift for the posh family and friends who are fashionably late to every event. The band is made from soft and flexible leather.

Available Here: JewelryWe Unisex Female Women Ladies Girls I’m late, Whatever Love Gift 

Terra Time Watch

Source: Amazon/Projects Watches

If you are a lover of geography, then this is the perfect watch for you. It displays beautiful landscapes and formation lines. It has stainless steel case. The watch has a 20 millimeter-wide black silicone band. The diameter is 40 millimeters.

Available Here: Projects Watches Terra Time Watch

Astronomical Watch

Source: Amazon/WatchDesign

This is a perfect gift for the person who is interested in astronomy and the planets. It also displays a wonderful night sky view. It has a rotating planisphere constellation disc. It also has a planisphere for the northern hemisphere which rotates manually. The case is 42 millimeters and made from surgical stainless steel. It is visible at 35 degrees north latitude.

Available Here: WatchDesign ASTRO Constellation Watch – Planisphere and Astronomy Celestial Timepiece

I-toc Watch

Source: Amazon/WatchDesign

This watch is for the minimalist in you. You will be able to make a statement by saying as little as possible with the I-toc watch. The rubber strap is made from silicone and the clasp is stainless steel. The crystal is resistant to scratches. The watch is water-resistant, so you can keep it on anywhere you go in the summer, whether the pool or the beach. The case is aluminum matte finish case and has 2-disc Japan Quartz movement.

Available Here: WatchDesign I-toc Watch

Ora Unica Watch

Source: Amazon/Nava Design

The Ora Unica watch is simple but makes a statement. It has a black stainless steel case and a streamlined leather band. The case diameter is 42 millimeters and the band width is 20 milimeters. The dial is formed from two disks on top of each other. On each disk, there is a white design with unsharpened ends which point to the hour and minute. The white designs rotate as the time changes, giving a totally new shape to the dial’s design. This unique watch is a perfect gift for friends and family who have a sense of humor. It is both mischievous and innovative at the same time.

Available Here: NAVA watch ORA UNICA NVA-02-0010

The Mercury Watch

Source: Amazon/Ziiiro

The colored discs point to the hour and minute in this chic and creative watch. The mesh band is stainless steel. The case diameter is 40 milimeters and the case thickness is 10 millimeters. It is unisex and water resistant up to 30 meters.

Available Here: ZIIIRO Z0002WB3 Unisex Mercury Black Purple Watch

The Skull Watch

Source: Amazon/Nemesis

This one is a great gift for the friend who is the rock chick. The dial has a sugar skull picture and the overall tone of the watch is silver. The large wrist cuff features punk rock pieces, making the watch look cool and funky. The case is 41 millimeters. The band is patent leather and has buckle closure. The skull watch is water resistant, especially to splashes and rain, but best not to emerge in water.

Available Here: Nemesis Women’s Skull Watch

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