Cool Stainless Steel Beechwood Crab Multi Tool

This cool beechwood crab multi tool is the perfect gift for any ocean fisherman. It is cool because it looks like a crab but also contains a variety of handy little tools. When the tools are opened the multi tool looks just like a little sand crab. A fun and handy addition to any fishing box or outdoor survival items. The tools included are a miniature pair of scissors, bottle opener, mini flat head screwdriver, can opener and rope saw.

Beechwood has been used to create the crabs outer shell so that it is easy to grip the tool. It is easy to use and is sure to get you out of most common awkward, annoying or difficult fishing situations. Use the scissors to cut line when needed, the screwdriver for emergency rod or reel repairs and easily open your beer. There are not very many sticky situations that this little crab can not handle. The crab tool measures 2.5 inches long by 1.5 inches high by 1.1-Inches deep.

A great gift idea for a birthday, Fathers Day, Christmas or any other occasion that suits. You can give it alone or add it to a pack of fishing or outdoor products that you plan to give as a gift.

Cool Stainless Steel Beechwood Crab Multi Tool

image source – amazon                         Available at – amazon

Cool Stainless Steel Beechwood Crab Multi Tool

image source – amazon                         Available at – amazon

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