This cool pot holder that looks like pasta is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who likes fun kitchen stuff. It is interesting because it looks so much like a piece of pasta.

It does look cool but it’s also great because it is so useful. Handles and trays are usually too hot to remove from the oven bare handed. Using a kitchen towel is an option but because they are not designed for the purpose you are risking burns to your hands. This can also damage your kitchen towels depending on what they are made of.

You can be sure that your hands will always be protected because this pot holder is designed to keep your hands safe. The thick silicon and non slip design ensure that you can handle pots safely and easily. On the inside of the pot holder there are ridges because this ensures that you can grip handles securely.

Cool Pot Holder That Looks Like Pasta

cool pot holder


image source                   Available at amazon

A cool gift idea for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. If you know someone that makes amazing pasta dishes this is a great way to show your appreciation because it is sure to get a lot of use.

pasta pot holder

image source                   Available at amazon

This is a very versatile pot holder because unlike fabric ones this one is dishwasher safe. It is easy to clean and so easy to use.

pot holder

image source                   Available at amazon

Cool Pot Holder That Looks Like Pasta

image source                   Available at amazon

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