This cool mathematical formulas decorative clock is sure to please anyone who loves numbers. You can use it to tell the time because that is what it’s designed for but it is also a very cool decorative piece. A clock is often given a central position in a room so having an interesting one can really add to the atmosphere.

A great gift idea for any scientist or mathematician because they are sure to find it amusing. Mathematicians and scientists often posses a sense of humor that is very quirky.

If you are looking for a thank you gift for a teacher this is a very cool idea. Your favorite teacher is sure to appreciate the gesture and the cool idea behind this fun clock. A clock is a good choice when you are not sure about your teachers personal interests because everyone can find a place to hang a clock.

Hang it in a classroom if you teach math because it is sure to inspire your students.

This clock will look good in any room because it features a simple black and white color scheme. These colors are common and will not distract from any decor or existing color scheme in the room.

Cool Mathematical Formulas Decorative Clock

Cool Mathematical Formulas Decorative Clock

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