Here are some Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect. LEGO minifigures are fun to play with and wonderful display pieces. There are many different ones available. You will be amazed at the variety. These figures are available in almost any theme imaginable!

Many toys such as LEGO that have been around for a while are not just seen as toys because some are become. People collect both vintage and new pieces because some new pieces can increase in value over time.

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Babysitter With Child

You will love this cute minifigure if you like to collect unusual ones. Many LEGO figurines feature superheros or male characters. So one is a interesting addition to any collection because it features a babysitter and child.


image source

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Ice Queen

A wintery ice queen that is sure to be a cool addition to any LEGO collection. This on features cool shades of silver, white, blue, grey and green. Interesting because the colors are quite different to most other LEGO minifigures.



image source

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Mexican Mariachi Singer

You will love this cute Mexican Mariachi singer LEGO minifigure. A detailed design complete with moustache, instrument and hat.


Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect

image source


Pirate movies and stories are popular and any fan of pirates is sure to appreciate these cool pirate LEGO figurines.

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Mexican Scallywag Pirate

A cute pirate LEGO figure with cool accessories, a sword, a map and the well recognized pirates eye patch! This one would make a cool gift idea for any LEGO or pirate fan.


image source

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is the famous pirate from The Pirates of The Caribbean. Fans of The Pirates of The Caribbean are sure to love this one.

jack sparrow LEGO figure

image source

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Zombie Pirate Captain

A zombie pirate captain Lego minifigure with hook hand, peg leg and eye patch, very cool.

zombie lego

image source

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Pirate Captain

Every pirate themed collection needs a pirate captain. This one is a cool one with a sword and traditional pirate eyepatch.

pirate captain Lego

image source

Cool LEGO Figures To Collect – Hiker

This a series 16 LEGO minifigure of a hiker. He has a little compass and a map in his hands. Great displayed with other items or a cool little item to display on his own.

hiker LEGO

image source


Many Marvel items are highly collectible and these minifigures are a great addition to any collection featuring Marvel items. Also cool items to have in any LEGO collection.

Minifigures To Collect – Deadpool Superhero

This deadpool LEGO minifigure is one that is sought after by collectors. Because it is highly sought after it is a little more expensive than many other LEGO minifigures.

deadpool collectible

image source

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Black Panther Vibranium Suit

You will love this one if you are a Marvel fan or a LEGO fan. It features the Marvel black panther in vibranium suit. There are many Marvel LEGO figurines available so a collection of these would be pretty cool.


image source.

LEGO Minifigure – Captain America

Captain America is a well known Marvel superhero. This cool minifigure features the recognizable Captain America shield.

captain america LEGO figure

image source

Guys In Suits

The guys in suits LEGO minifigures are a very cool addition to any collection. Several of these are available including the ones below.

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Black Panther Vibranium Suit

A LEGO minifigure, banana guy suit. This is a cute minifigure that looks great displayed with others such as the shark guy suit.

banana guy lego figure

image source.

Cool LEGO Figures To Collect – Shark Suit Guy

A unique and fun minifigure that is sure to be liked by and child or adult LEGO enthusiast.

shark suit guy LEGO

image source

Cool LEGO Figures – Secret Agent Spy

A secret agent spy LEGO minifigure complete with a weapon. This one is cool because it is quite detailed.

secret agent spy

image source.


Clowns are popular collectibles because they are so bright. A great addition to any clown or LEGO minifigure collection. Sure to be adored by young and older fans because clowns are timeless.

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Party Clown

This one is a really bright party clown. A fun idea as a birthday gift for any LEGO fan. Features include two cool balloon animals and bright fun colors. Sure to attract attention.

LEGO clown

image source

LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Clown With Pie

A classic styled clown posed to perform the old school clown gag of throwing pie.

old school LEGO clown

image source.

Cool LEGO Minifigures To Collect – Monster Scientist

The monster scientist LEGO figure is from series 14. A nice choice if you like obscure and interesting collectables.

LEGO scientist

image source.

Cool LEGO Minifigures – Bandit

A series six LEGO minifigure bandit complete with a little pistol.

bandit minifigure

image source.

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