This clever magnetic dishcloth holder is convenient because it gives you an out of the way place to hang your dishcloth. You will find it handy because it is common to hang a dishcloth from the tap or somewhere else. Dishcloths usually need to be hung so they can dry and air out but it can look so messy. You do not necessarily want to have your dishcloth on display for everyone to see. This is especially true when you are expecting guests that will be in your kitchen.

No one likes a dirty, smelly dishcloth and this cool little gadget will be a go to kitchen item. You will wonder how you every managed to keep your dishcloths clean and dry without it. If you are someone who loves to keep your kitchen in tip-top shape this will be your best friend.

You can hang your dishcloth to dry without putting it where it looks messy. It’s usually not a good idea to put a dishcloth in a drawer or a cupboard immediately after using. Putting your dishcloth in a cupboard does not always give it the room it needs to air and to dry properly. Doing this can also damage your cabinets because they may not be compatible with water.

Clever Magnetic Dishcloth Holder

Clever Magnetic Dishcloth Holder

image source – uncommon goods                                      Available at – uncommongoods

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