The children’s book 100 first words for little geeks is a fun and unique gift for any child. Most book of first words for children are standard because they contain standard words such as dog, apple or ball. This one contains some of those but also some really fun geek words to entertain you and your child. If you know someone geeky who has a small child this is a great gift because the parent and the kids can enjoy it together. Any nerdy parent of a gifted child will love having this to add to their child’s library.

If your child is a genius in the making this is the perfect book to get them started. You can teach extraordinary words to your extraordinary child because you want to give them a good start in life. Every little genius needs to start somewhere and building a good vocabulary is the first step.

Children’s Book 100 First Words For Little Geeks

Children's Book 100 First Words For Little Geeks

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Every nerd has to start somewhere because we all have to start somewhere. You can ensure that your gifted child begins with the right words to build a genius vocabulary. Words included in this book include things like Kryptonite, robot, force field, android, dragon and wizard. A cool pop culture style item that everyone is sure to enjoy.

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