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Beautiful Exploding Ikea Pendant Light

This Beautiful Exploding Ikea Pendant Light creates the perfect mood for every occasion.

The basic concept of this light is that you can dim the light manually by changing the shape of the shade.  ikea lightYou can adjust the mood of the light easily by pulling on a string. David Wahl, the designer of the light says that he was inspired by science fiction movies and video games.  Beautiful Ikea Pendant LightThe light projects a decorative pattern onto nearby walls that looks stunning. You can change between soft lighting and bright general lighting whenever you need to.  It can be used in a small space without overpowering existing decor. Beautiful Exploding Ikea Pendant LightA stand out visual experience that is sure to enhance your living environment. The light measures 35cm in diameter and the cord is 150cm long. Many sources are referring to the IKEA PS 2014
Pendant lamp as an exploding lamp. This is because of the cool way it changes its shape.