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Succulent gardening is very popular for a variety of reasons. Many succulents are extremely easy to grow and drought resistant. Forgetting to water them is not a problem because many succulents would rather not have a lot of water. If you love plants but don’t have time to give them a lot of care then growing succulents is a great idea. Collecting succulents has also become quite a common hobby. There are many different varieties to collect and they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

Visiting your local nursery is a great place to start but you may find that their stock is limited. Shopping online is a great option as you can find many varieties that may not be available in your local area. Here are some awesome succulent packs available online for succulent gardeners to enhance or begin your collection. Also included are some rare succulents to add interest to your collection.

Pack Of 20 Succulent Varieties

This is a great pack for any beginner. There are 20 succulents in the pack and each one is different. The varieties that you receive depend on what is currently in season. If you like surprises this is a wonderful pack to order. You are sure to get some interesting plants that you can have fun with. Growing succulents from seed may seem like better value for money but it is difficult so plant packs like these are a great option.


Succulent Packs For Succulent Gardeners – 5 Pack

If you would prefer to start with only a few plants or wish to add some to your existing collection this 5 pack of succulents may be right for you. It contains 5 different succulents. The plants are fully rooted and established.

Succulent Packs For Succulent Gardeners


Sedum morganianum in 4 Inch Pot

Commonly called Donkey Tail, Sedum morganianum is easy to grow and will do well indoors or outdoors. It is native to Mexico and Honduras. This is a flowering succulent that will grow red/pink flowers in the summer. Looks great in both larger and smaller pots. Also works well in hanging pots. Plant does not like excess moisture. You might kill it if you water it too much. It does need to be moderately watered but do not overdo it.

donkey tail succulent


Pack of 300 Mixed Succulent Seeds

If you are a collector and want to collect many different varieties you will love this pack. Growing from seed may take a little more care than using cuttings or established plants. The extra effort will be worth it though. To grow succulent seeds you must ensure that they are only lightly covered with soil. Water them lightly with a misting spray bottle. If you overwater them they may not grow. Succulent seeds will do best in a moderately sunny position.

succulent seeds


Succulent Planter Soil Kit

Some succulents will grow in almost any soil, others are fussier. If you want to grow rare or delicate succulents this specialized planter soil kit will be your best friend. Everything you need to grow strong healthy plants is included. Read the instructions carefully for best results. You should also do some research and find out about the plant that you are trying to grow. It may have special needs. As a general rule succulents prefer a sunny position. Some specialty varieties may however react badly when they receive too much sun for too long.

succulent soil kit


Set of 15 Exotic Succulents

This set contains some interesting exotic varieties. All of the 15 plants are established with root systems.exotic succulents


Succulents For Collectors and Gardeners ~ Rare Parachute Plant Exotic Succulent Vine

Enhance your collection with this rare parachute plant succulent. It grows umbrella shaped flowers that are very unusual looking and interesting. Succulents can be easy to propagate so collecting rare plants can definitely be worthwhile. You can often sell plants to other collectors over and over as your plant grows.

rare succulent


Echeveria agavoides Red Succulent Seed Pack

This species is usually found in Peru, the USA and Mexico. The beautiful deep red color is appealing and makes it a great addition to any succulent collection.

red succulent

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Rare Echeveria Agavoides Ebony Succulent Plant

This is a beautiful specimen that any succulent enthusiast would be happy to have in their collection. Like many other succulents the color is directly affected by the amount of sun the plant gets. When exposed to direct sunlight the red becomes stronger and more vibrant. If planted in the shade the color of the plant becomes paler. It will produce reddish pink flowers at the end of winter or early in spring.


source –

Succulents For Collectors and Gardeners ~ Echeveria Unguiculata Rare Succulent Plant

This is an interesting succulent that is not particularly common. It is sure to be the pride of your collection. Prefers well drained soil and does not like to be watered very often.


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