Public benches are everywhere and for a long time they all seemed to look exactly the same. Now there are many public spaces around that feature artwork for public viewing including awesome public benches. Some of these benches are designed to accentuate creatively designed spaces. Others are designed to add interest to existing spaces that lack color. We use public benches not just to sit on and rest but in other ways. Many people need to sit somewhere with a laptop to catch up on work during lunch breaks or for other reasons. Modern considerations such as these are reflected in these designs.

Another thing that is interesting to note is the range of different colors and materials that are used. Public benches are no longer standard uniform wooden structures. The focus is on interesting shapes that are out of the ordinary. A lot of effort is now put into designing public areas.

Awesome Public Benches

bench2 bench3 bench4 bench5 bench6 bench7 bench8 bench9 bench10 bench11 bench12This creative trend is also evident in outdoor furniture that is popular in privately owned gardens. Many people seek out creative eye catching pieces that are unique and different. Click check it out to see some of these.

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