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So you are a busy Mom, who is trying to juggle your job, house work as well as taking care of your kids? All kids are curious to know about what’s inside them and the body’s organs. This anatomy apron is a great way to teach kids about all of the different organs in the body and how they are placed.

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Instead of showing them boring pictures or videos, just wrap the anatomy apron around your body just like any other apron. Each organ is attached to the apron using Velco strips so if you want to get a closer look, you can tear each one off. You can then place it back on the apron when you’re done inspecting.

Or you could let your kid wear this anatomy apron, which lets them see exactly where each organ goes on their body. The apron carries most of the important internal organs of the chest and abdomen. This includes the heart, the lungs, the liver, stomach, large and small intestines, the kidneys, and more.

The anatomy apron is a great visual apron which will let your children learn all of the important organs in the human body. The name of each organ is also placed behind each one. So if your kid does not remember the name of a certain organ, they can peel it off and find out what it’s called.

The anatomy apron is made from polyester and cotton material. It is meant for kids aged 3 and up. With this item, you can teach your kids the body’s organs while also doing housework! And if you are not using it around the house, it makes a great costume for a party!

Available here: Aodicon What’s Inside Me Anatomy Apron 

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