Winter Slipper

Amazing Rags To Riches Story

We have all heard stories about people who start with almost nothing and become successful. This amazing rags to riches story is proof that it can happen. Christian Gheorghe left communist Romania to start a new life in America during the 90s. He arrived with only $US26 in his pocket. At first he lived in a hostel for homeless youth and got a job driving limosines. He had no formal training in the English language and taught himself the basics by listening to English music like Pink Floyd. Before he left Romania he made a living selling records. Amazing Rags To Riches StoryOnce he had sold enough records he purchased a computer that was a knock of of a Commodore 64. He spent a whole years worth of wages to buy it. Many of the people he knew thought this was a crazy move.  Christian then taught himself how to code by hacking into some games that were on the PC.  This would proove to be a life changing move when he later met a man by the name of Andrew Saxe. Andrew and Christian built a company that they eventually sold to experian.

So far Christian has launched and sold three startup companies. The third one, OutlookSoft sold for five-hundred million dollars in 2007. He is currently working on a new project named Tidemark. A self taught, innovative thinker who has shown the world what he can do. Amazing.