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Amazing Phone Accessories

If you are someone who like to collect cool and impressive gadgets then this may be for you. There is a lot of interesting stuff around but you can be sure to impress with awesome docking station. Many people have probably never seen one before, it is unusual and actually quite beautiful as well. A fantastic idea for any office setting where you would like to display an iphone dock that is classier than many of the standard ones. crys   handcrafted   This cool crystal docking station sells for about $500. It is handcrafted by a Slovanian based company which uses a traditional glass making technique. The company is called Calypso Crystal and they create lots of very cool stuff. The station is made from crystal and then coated with platinum to create an amazing finish. Calypso is a company that specialises in creating accessories for mobile devices that are of the highest quality. Their range includes docks and cases that are individually made and not mass produced. calo   A fantastic range of cases for mobile devices is available. They are available is several different colors and are made from premium Italian leather. Perfect accessories for any executive.