Aerodynamic Hovercraft Golf Cart

This Aerodynamic Hovercraft Golf Cart is just the thing if you really want to stand out on the green. It glides on a cushion of air. This golf cart also easily travels over sandtraps and water so you can move around the course easily. Power is provided by a 65-hp, twin cylinder motor and the cart can travel at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

You are sure to make an impression on the course as you travel around on this cool cart. It is easy to steer and control the hovercraft so you will not have any issues getting where you need to go. The cart hovers about nine inches off the ground so it will not damage the grass or anything else. It is safe to use to cross ponds or streams because it is designed to meet the water travel safety standards of the US coast guard. You will be able to travel around the course more conveniently than ever before.

Anyone who loves to have the best of the best golf equipment is sure to want one of these. It is a lot of fun and is sure to make moving around the course easier than it has ever been before.

Aerodynamic Hovercraft Golf Cart

Aerodynamic Hovercraft Golf Cart

image source –  hammacher                     available at – hammacher

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