puppy shower curtain cute

These adorable puppy dog shower curtains are most certainly very unique. Add a fun vibe to any bathroom or give one as a gift.

Adorable Puppy Dog Shower Curtains – Puppy Taking A Bath

This shower curtain features a picture of a puppy taking a bath with a rubber ducky. He even has a puppy sized tub, a towel and a little shower cap. A lovely choice for a child’s bathroom or just to add some personality to your own. Decorate the rest of the room with rubber duckies or other puppy items. Adds a very unique touch to any drab bathroom.

puppy shower curtain

image source – amazon

Adorable Puppy Dog Shower Curtains – Bright Pomeranian

This shower curtain is sure to brighten up any drab bathroom because it is so vibrant. It features a very cute pomeranian. If you are looking for an interesting gift for someone who loves pomeranians or owns one then this is a nice idea.

puppy shower curtain cute

available at zazzle

Adorable Puppy Dog Shower Curtains – Bath Dog With Bubbles

A cute dog in a bath shower curtain. Perfect for a child’s bathroom, much more fun than a plain colored shower curtain. Add pale blue or puppy themed accessories to complete the look. Any kid that love animals is sure to adore it.

dog shower curtain

available at zazzle

Adorable Puppy Dog Shower Curtains – Watercolor Dog

This is a very creative and colorful design featuring a watercolor dog. If your bathroom is quite plain this shower curtain is sure to stand out and be noticed. Because it contains so many different colors it will match the existing decor in most bathrooms.

Dog Shower Curtains

available at ebay

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