This adorable and fun pinwheel usb fan is a great little novelty item that is also useful during warm weather. If you like to work outside on your laptop occasionally then you will love this little fan during hot days. This is a great little gift idea because it is inexpensive and sure to be enjoyed. It is a cool little gift idea for anyone who enjoys carnivals. Pinwheels are popular at carnivals and if you are are carnival goer you will love the nostalgia of this cute little gadget.

Usually if you are working in an indoor office you might be in a climate controlled room with air conditioning. This can be great but it can also be a nuisance if the temperature is not quite as cool as you would like it to be. In this situation this little fan will come in handy. If you tend to travel a lot and work on the go you never know exactly what the climate will be like. This little fan is  great back up plan in case you want to get your laptop out and do some work outside on a warm day. It is great because it will not cool an entire room but will give you some breeze when needed.

Adorable and Fun Pinwheel USB Fan

Adorable and Fun Pinwheel USB Fan


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