3D Street Art


Art comes in many forms. Creative people never seem to run out of new and impressive methods or mediums. This collection of cool 3D Street Art is a great example. 3d street art dolphinsvia

^ This 3D dolphin mural has been created using chalk, the dolphins appear so life like. It’s hard to believe that this is a flat surface.3d street art pondvia

^ Your first instinct may be that you want to move the baby away from the water! There is no water though, this awesome street painting was created for a Japanese Television show.

3d street art cassettevia

^ This one is superb wow! An amazing creation, the photograph was taken at a fair in Cologne.

3d street art dalaivia

^ Ever wanted to play chess with the Dalai Lama? Here is a creation that will allow you to look like you are.

3d street hellvia

^ Heaven and Hell are a popular subject among artists and there are many different artistic impressions. This 3D Hell is located in London.

3d street art carvia

^ A clever work of art and a clever photograph. The placement of the people in this photograph really makes the art seem realistic.

3D Street Artvia

^ This one is actually an advertisement for an insurance company.

3d street art mummyvia

^ ‘Escape of the Mummy’ is a cool work of art that was displayed at the Italian Street Art Festival in 2008.


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