Are you are a beginner engineering student or someone who is interested in learning about engineering? If so then here is a selection of 10 Great Books For Aspiring Engineers …

engineeringbook^ Engineering Fundamentals ~ An Introduction To Engineering by Saeed Moaveni. This book has been specifically designed for people who are interested in studying engineering. A great introduction that encourages students and explains the fundamental principles of engineering.egineeringb^ Engineering ~ A Very Short Introduction by David Blockley. If you want to learn more about engineering but are short of time then this fantastic little book might be just the thing. It explores the history and nature of engineering. machines^ Basic Machines And How They Work. This book is perfect for anyone interested in mechanical engineering. It covers a range of basic theory beginning with simple machines.

studying engineering^ Studying Engineering ~ A Road Map to A Rewarding Career. This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in a career in engineering. It was first released in 1995. It has now become the best selling introduction to engineering book of all time. Highly recommended. engineering essay^ Engineering and the Mind’s Eye by Eugene S. Ferguson. The extended version of Ferguson’s essay which argues that good engineering is about intuition and nonverbal thinking.childrens engineering^ Here is one for children. Engineering the ABC’s: How Engineers Shape Our World by Patty O’Brien Novak. This book explains to children why engineering is important and how engineers shape our world.basic mechanical engineeringBasics of Mechanical Engineering. Here is another great book for anyone who wishes to know more about mechanical engineering. It is designed to teach basic concepts and guide101 Things I Learned in Engineering School. Contains real world examples of physics and the fundamental principles  of engineering.engineersThe Existential Pleasures of Engineering (Thomas Dunne Book)A very interesting bock which explores the way engineers think and feel about their profession.laws of engineeringUnwritten Laws of Engineering: Revised and Updated Edition. An updated version of the 1944 classic that engineers have studied for many years.


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