Here are 20 Amazing DIY Recyling Ideas that you have probably never thought of. Some innovative ways to recycle things that you would usually throw in the trash. clip beer holder^ Clip drink holder. There is no need to invest in expensive fridge drink holders when you probably have a clip in the office that will do the job.outfit hangers j^ Use soda can pull tabs to double your hanging space or to group outfits.rolls k^ A very innovative way to recycle cardboard tubes such as toilet rolls. DIY organisation at it’s best!shovel ki^ Create a lightweight shovel with scissors and an empty milk bottle. Brilliant!!eggri^ Add some flavor and some shape to your breakfast by using an onion ring as an egg ring.botk^ Old bottle top can be used to seal opned bags. This also makes it easy to dispense whatever is inside the bag.shower^ Broken shower head? You can have a shower using this innovative quick fix. All you need is a plastic bottle and something to poke holes in it with. combk^ A comb can hold nails in place.sticky^ A post it note can remove dust from hard to reach places such as between your keys.pan^ Have you ever struggled to fill a bucket in a sink that is too small? I bet you wish you had thought of this!pringles ol^ An empty pringles container is great for storing pasta.heart egg k^ Create a special breakfast or snack with this cute trick.cordsn^ Organise your office and keep cords within easy reach at all times. Great idea!phonedk^ It can be difficult to find a good spot to charge your phone. Power outlets are not always in convenient positions. Make your own charging pouch so you can power up anywhere.broomk^ DIY broom!contnm^ A simple, brilliant idea. Use as a desk storage container or a herb pot.pomk^ A phone holder that you can make in under a minute!umbk^ Turn the spine of an old umbrella into a drying rack.bulbk^ A very modern looking vase made from a light bulb. Cool!20 Amazing DIY Recyling Ideas^ Beautiful Button Bouquets.

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