Swarovski crystal is loved by collectors and fans from all over the world. Here are 16 Swarovski Christmas Ornaments that are truly beautiful. Celebrating Christmas and the magic associated with it has inspired many cool festive creations. Almost every company in the world has a Christmas special or Christmas creations of some kind. This includes Swarovski. Every year a new annual Swarovski crystal Christmas ornament is designed. Not everyone wants to hang one on the tree though.

Here are 15 amazing Swarovski crystal freestanding ornaments. They range in price from cheap to expensive. The perfect gift for someone special.


Swarovski #5060449 Dog with Santa’s Hat

swarovski crystal christmas ornaments 2014

Swarovski “Reindeer Mo, Limited Edition 2014” Figurine

swarovski christmas bear

Swarovski 2014 Kris Bear Christmas Figurine

swarovski crystal elf

Swarovski Santa’s Helper

swarovski penguin

Swarovski Rocking Penguin Figurine

15 Swarovski Christmas Ornaments

Swarovski #5060448 Cat with Santa’s Hat

swarovski christmas tree

Swarovski Christmas Tree Figurine, Chrysolite

swarovski crystal christmas ornaments 2014

Swarovski Poinsettia

swarovski christmas star tree

Swarovski Christmas Tree Shining Star

swarovski santa

Swarovski Rocking Santa

swarovski angel

Swarovski Figurines #5058741, Angel Sophie

swarovski christmas gift

Swarovski Rocking Gingerbread Man Figurine

swarovski nutcracker

Swarovski Nutcracker

swarovski mickey mouse

Swarovski Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornament Figurine

swarovski hello kitty

Swarovski Hello Kitty Snowman Figurine


Swarovski Christmas Joy Ornament

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