There are some cool things in this world! Just when you think you have everything that you need, someone comes up with an amazing product that you just have to have! You’re not alone, it happens to all of us. Being a writer here at means that I come across cool things that I need (don’t really need) all of the time. Here 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed.

1. Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers, Set of 72 Assorted Colors (3722). Like to create things? Yes me too! This premium marker st is just amazing. So many colors! Not only is there a lot of colors but these are premium markers. The ink has been expecially formulated to give a color so rich that you will fall in love with these. They are also double ended, with a fine point on one end and a thicker one on the other end. Ensuring great control for any project!

pantone markers

2. Spa – Hot Tub Bar Refreshment Float – NIB. Because, if you’re in the spa it’s proably because you want to relax. So stay as long as you need and have everything you could possibly want to eat nearby. This is a great idea for spa parties or romantic evenings as well.

Spa Bar

3.Anpress® 2015 New style Doorbell Nobility Creative Door Bell 3 Volume Adjustable German Quality 20 Songs Wireless Piano Doorbells Electronic Remote Monitoring DC Batteries Doorbell. Well you don’t want your visitors to be bored do you? This is cool and makes a great impression. Try not to play with too much or you will annoy the people who live with you. It might be difficult though, it looks like fun!

piano doorbell

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