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Summer is coming and it will surely play host to a lot of parties. It’s going to be Mother’s Day this weekend and then it’s going to be Father’s Day on the 17th June. There are surely a lot of birthday parties to go to in the summer as well as cocktail parties, receptions and so on. It’s not easy shopping for gifts that would fit the person’s taste. But giving gifts is not something that should be taken lightly. If you are having difficulty choosing, why not buy some fun gifts that would surely put a smile on that person’s face? After all, isn’t summer all about having fun and a good laugh?

Pizza Beach Towel

Source: Amazon/Mr Fan

The pizza beach blanket, with the pepperoni topping, is 5 foot wide and will definitely make you stand out by the pool or on the beach. It also allows you plenty of room to lie in the sun. The fabric is soft and comfortable and it will make you feel cool and refreshed while sunbathing.

Available Here: Mr Fan Pizza Pattern Beach Blanket 

Selfie Garden Gnome

Source: Amazon/BigMouth Inc. 

This gnome will definitely add some humor to your garden! The figures are about 9 inches tall and ready for hundreds of likes. It’s made from durable cast poly resin to withstand the elements. It is a great gift to give to your sister or that friend, who is a social media diva.

Available Here:  BigMouth Inc. The Selfie Sisters Garden Gnome, Hilarious Garden Decoration

Skull Organizer

Source: Amazon/SUCK UK

This quirky and unique can fit any room perfectly. It can hold any little item, ranging from pens, to coins and keys. It can even work as a vase! They say a tidy space means a tidy mind and this organizer will make sure that you never lose your keys or phone again.

Dead Fred Pen Holder

Source: Amazon/Gracallet

Just imagine it is someone that you hate! When you do that, this pen holder will make putting away a pen very satisfying! The pen holder is about 2.95×0.78×5.11 inches in size and is made from silicone rubber.

Available Here: Gracallet Red Pen Holder

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

Source: Amazon/Pangea Brands

This is a perfect gift to give your Star Wars fanatic friend! This toaster not only looks great but works to toast bread, waffles, English muffins or toaster pastry. It has an adjustable thermostat and an automatic manual switch-off. It has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. It is compact for two-slices and has a cool-touch housing reheat, defrost, and a quick stop function.

Available Here: Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

Beard Shaving Apron

Source: Amazon/Markkeer

So you want to look clean-shaven and smart when you show up for that cool summer cocktail party? This apron will let you get in style in seconds. You can tame and trim your beard without having to worry about plug hole blocking. It’s easy to use as it has suction caps to attach to your mirror.

Available Here: Markkeer Collar Zipper Beard Apron Shave

 Unicorn Nail Polish
Source: Amazon/NPW
This multi-colored confetti nail polish comes in a unicorn container that is tastefully designed. You can put it on in layers to add more sparkle. You can wear it alone and or add even more adventure by wearing it over a solid color. It is definitely long lasting and will add fun to your life.
Available Here: NPW Unicorn Nail Polish
Cork Globe

If you want to show off all the places you have visited, this globe is an ideal item to have on your desk at work or at home in your living room! It lets you literally pin your travels on the globe. It has 50 colored pins, getting rid of your need to buy more pins. It is also great for educational purposes if you want to give your kids a geography lesson.

Available Here: Globe Trekkers – Mini Cork Globe With 50 Different Colored Push Pins

Face Coffee Mug

Source: Amazon/Enesco

This Elmo Sesame Street mug is not just a mug but a cookie holder as well! It’s made of ceramic and is easy to hold and use. You can easily wash it in the dishwasher and it is durable. If you are not using it to drink coffee, you can use it as an ornament in your home. It will surely make your guests smile once they enter your living room. It will be a favorite with kids too, as which kid does not love Sesame Street and Elmo?

Available Here: Enesco E6001064 Our Name Is Mud “Elmo” Sesame Street Mug with Cookie Slot

Zombie Sleep Mask

Source: Amazon/Accoutrements

Yes, even zombies need to sleep! This is one item other people will definitely leave you alone when you are sleeping. It is polyester with cotton back and elastic band and fits most heads. It will definitely make sure you sleep like the dead.

Available Here: Accoutrements Zombie Eyes Undead Novelty Sleep Mask

Avocado Huggers

So you like avocados but you can’t eat the whole thing all at once? You want to keep it for later to use it in your salads or other dishes? This avocado hugger embraces half an avocado to keep the cut fruit fresh longer. They are specifically designed to preserve avocados in the best way. There are two sizes to fit over avocados that are either large and small. If half of the avocado you are saving has a pit, the avocado huggers also has a pit pocket which can be pushed in or out.

Available Here: Cook Time Avocado Saver and Holder 

Paw Door Stop

                                                                            Source: Amazon/Fred & Friends

So you want to feel like you have a cat but don’t want all the work that goes into having one? This paw door stop will let you know what it’s like having a cat trying to make its way into the bathroom when you’re actually taking a bath. This is a great gift for the cat lovers in your life and it is 100 percent feline-approved. With its design and quality, it makes even keeping a door open look like fun.

Available Here: Fred & Friends Cat Paw Door Stop


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