Winter Slipper

10 DIY Healthy Delicious Ice Blocks

Nothing beats the hot weather like a frozen treat. Many ice creams and ice-blocks are full of sugar so you may not always be able to have as many as you would like. The solution is to create your own using fresh healthy ingredients. Here are some ideas for  10 DIY Healthy Delicious Ice Blocks to inspire you.

There are so many different ingredients to choose from. You can make fruit ice blocks that are healthy and colorful very easily. This can be done by adding pieces of fruit or by using your favorite fruit juice.

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10 DIY Healthy Delicious Ice Blocksvia




Apart from your ingredients you don't need a lot of equipment. All you will need is basic kitchen stuff such as knives for slicing and a mold to make your ice blocks in. There are many different molds available including some very interesting shapes. Click 'Check It Out' to see some of the cool molds that you can use.